Gem Opal Seashell Pendant
With Stunning Cooberpedy Shell Crystal Opal... PS330

A stunning Gem Opal & Seashell Pendant with Cooberpedy Shell Crystal.....

A Beautiful Gem Opal Seashell Pendant!

Price:  SOLD!

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This is a stunning Gem Opal Seashell Pendant creation, combining gorgeous Gem Cooberpedy Shell Crystal Opal & a strikingly patterned Limpet Seashell from our Australian beaches, set off with a solid 9 ct. Yellow Gold bail.

This gorgeous Crystal Opal plays beautiful lemon-yellow-greens, green-golds, blues, splashes of orange & hints of indigo on the left side of the opal.

The black circle & radiating black lines against the creamy white colouring of the Shell, are totally 100% natural to the shell - very eye-catching!

The opal has been permanently set to the Shell, both from the top & from within. 

In the same way the Shell itself has been permanently bonded to a pendant backing of jet black leadlight glass, which has been highly cut & polished to perfection.

Opal & Seashell Pendant
Australian Solid 9 ct. Yellow Gold
Gem Shell Crystal Opal
CooberPedy, South Australia
Very Bright
Pendant Length:
24.8 mm
Opal Shell Dimensions:
18.5mm x 13.6mm (widest point) x 8.6mm high

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