Gem Opal Intarsia Pendant - PS370
With Gold Inlay....

Unique & Stunning Gem Opal Intarsia Pendant!

Price: SOLD!

A stunning & unique "Opals & Ocean" creation Gem Shell Opal  Intarsia Pendant.

At the top of the intarsia design is a solid piece of 9ct. Yellow Gold set perfectly against Lightning Ridge neon brilliant crimson & crimson-orange/gold top quality Gem Opal.

Set perfectly up against this stunning crimson opal are two more individual pieces of Gem Opal with a solid 9ct. Yellow Gold "divider" linking the two.

The opal on the right is a piece of Gem Koroit Matrix Opal playing bright greens whilst the opal piece on the left is a pretty piece of multi-coloured Boulder Opal Gem Crystal.

Underneath & perfectly set up against the above two opal pieces is another bright & deep red crimson coloured Gem Opal from Lightning Ridge.

All intarsia work is set on & against a solid layer of jet black leadlight glass with everything polished to perfection.

The Limpet Shell has been finely worked to highlight the irridiscent effect of the shell, which in turn beautifully highlights the lovely natural markings of the shell itself.

At the top of the shell was a "natural shell bump" that when smoothed out exposed a little of the black underlay of the shell itself,(tolerances here of working with shell at only one tenth of a millimeter!).
However the intarsia has been heavily reinforced from inside the shell construct for durability
& with jet black leadlight glass crafted for the back of the pendant & cut & polished to perfection.

Completing the picture, this stunning "Ocean & Opal" combination of colour & form has been finished with an Australian Solid 9 ct. Yellow Gold Bail.

A unique & individual "Ocean & Opal" pendant
sure to catch everyone's eye!

Opal & Seashell Intarsia & Gold Pendant
Australian Solid 9 ct. Yellow Gold
Opal: High quality Gem Opal
Lightning Ridge, NSW & Koroit,Queensland
Pendant Length:
28.5mm (with bail)
Pendant Dimensions:
22.0mm x 19.5mm x 7.5mm deep

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