Gem Opal Inlay Pendant
'Lightning Ridge By Firelight'

A stunning Gem Opal Inlay Pendant inspired by a camping trip to Lightning Ridge many years ago!

The 'Ridge By Firelight .....

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This stunning "Artistry With Opal" Gem Opal Inlay Pendant was inspired by a fossicking/camping trip to Lightning Ridge many years ago.

Camped in amongst the old mine diggings at the 'Ridge, when night fell & all was dark, the only source of illumination was the glowing red fire of the burning twigs & branches of the campfire.

The beautiful red fire & glow of this lovely Opal Gem, inlaid & set into jet black leadlight glass is so reminiscent of that "'Ridge By Firelight" experience.

Every surface of the black leadlight glass (hardness of 6.5) & the face of the Opal has been cut & polished to mirror perfection.

Pinned & set into the black glass is a hallmarked Solid 14 Carat Yellow Gold bail.

An enchanting & unique one-of-a-kind Opal Pendant !

Gem Opal Inlay & Gold Pendant
Solid 14ct Yellow Gold
Opal Type: Solid Gem Opal Inlay
Lightning Ridge, NSW,Australia
Reds & a few early evening Sky-Blues!
Jet Black Leadlight Glass (Hardness:6.5)
Opal Size:
17.5mm high x 6.0mm wide
Pendant Body:
28.0mm x 17.5mm x 4.7mm thick
Full Pendant Length:
23.7mm x 24.4mm x 6.4mm thick
Diameter of Opal Inlay:
Teardrop Cabochon

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