Gem Opal Heart Pendant - P238

gem opal heart pendant

Price: SOLD!

This is a beautiful Gem Opal Heart Pendant, elegant in it's simplicity of design, eyecatching and full of fire !!

This piece has been created using a fiery piece of dark based Lightning Ridge Opal and very strongly bonded to a backing of jet black leadlight glass.

This is a high domed doublet with the opal itself measuring approx.3.3mm thick, which has allowed ample thickness for carving and shaping of the heart.  Overall thickness of the heart pendant is 5.8mm.

This pendant has been cut and polished to perfection.

The primary colours at play here are beautiful and bright gentle reds with complimentary sparkles of light greens.


Pendant: High domed doublet type
Total Length incl.bail:22.7 mm
Length of Opal heart:17.4 mm
Width of Opal:15.8 mm
Thickness of Pendant: 5.8 mm
Opal: Lightning Ridge dark base
Colours: Bright gentle reds with sparkles of green
Bail:Australian Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold

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