Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant
From The Koroit Mining Fields!

Solid Gem Matrix Boulder Opal pendant

Stunning Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant!

Price: SOLD!

This beautiful Boulder Opal is the actual Gem core centre of a much larger piece of Boulder Opal.

When the outer casing of the boulder was cut away, what came into view was this stunning Gem Core Matrix Boulder Opal  - absolutely gorgeous in it's colour play of electric colours & patterning against it's natural very dark toned boulder background.

Set into the top of the stone is a solid 925 Sterling Silver bail.

An Eye-catching Pendant For Everyday Wear!

Solid Boulder Opall & Silver Pendant
Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Opal Type: Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder Opal
Koroit Opal Mining Fields, Queensland,Australia
Electric Blues & Greens
Very Bright!
Pendant Length:
5.8 Carats
Opal Size:
14.0mm x 9.5mm x 5.0mm thick

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