Star Quality Gem Crystal Solid
Opal Pendant !
With Brilliant Cooberpedy Crystal Solid Opal - P282

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Please Note: We highly recommend viewing our Video below to give a full moving display of this pendant's brilliant & vivid colour play!!

Gem Crystal Solid Opal Pendant

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A magnificent Gem Crystal Solid Opal Pendant with skin to skin colour!

This is 3.5 carats of star quality brilliant Crystal Opal fire - breathtaking in it's display of liquid-like fire & blazing colour!

Those colours on display are stunning red-oranges, oranges, orange-greens & green-oranges that play in a dazzling floral/rolling flash pattern of intense colour & fire.

Set well inside the top of this one of a kind opal pendant, is a long wearing Australian Solid hard 9 carat yellow Gold bail, encrusted with three 2 point White Diamonds - a perfect complement to this outstanding Australian Opal gemstone.

Star Quality Gem Crystal solid Opal & gold Pendant
Opal Origin:
Coober Pedy, South Australia
Overall Pendant
Length (with bail)
21.0 mm
Opal Size:
15.0mm x 11.7mm x 3.7mm thick in middle of opal
Opal Weight:
3.5 Carats
Red-Oranges, Oranges, Orange-Greens & Green-Oranges
Floral/ Rolling Flash
Australian Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold with
3 x 2 pint White Diamonds.

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