Gem Crystal Opal Ring
With Opal From The Mintabie Opal Fields.....

This Gem Crystal Opal ring is striking in it's appearance, handmade with three matching pieces of Crystal Opal.....

A Striking Gem Crystal Opal Ring!

Price: SOLD!

A Ring that is striking in it's appearance, with matching opal settings of green-blues either side of a beautiful red opal setting with touches of green.

This Unisex Ring is handmade with Solid 925 Sterling Silver weighing 10.4 grams, making it a very solid Opal Ring!

All of the opal is Crystal opal from Mintabie, South Australia & consists of opal  permanently darkened from behind.

To also protect the opal from "everyday wear" each piece of opal has been overlaid with hand cut & polished natural clear Quartz Crystal with a hardness of 8+ on the MOHS scale (diamond has a hardness of 10).

Gem Crystal Opal Ring
Handmade Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Ring size: Australian S-T, American 9 1/2 to 10
10.4 Grams
Gem Crystal Opal
Opal Origin:
Mintabie South Australia
Opal Sizes:
Approx. 8.5mm x 6.5mm
Very Bright!

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