Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
With High Quality Cooberpedy Gem Opal.....P283

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Australian Gem Crystal Opal Pendant

A Genuine Australian Gem Crystal Opal Pendant!

Price: SOLD!

This opal is a piece of beautiful high quality Gem Crystal from the world famous Hans Peak opal mining field at Cooberpedy, South Australia.

This is a gorgeous  Pendant, a stunning & very bright high quality Gem Opal Doublet set into a solid 925 Sterling Silver Pendant setting.

The opal has been cut as a thick mid to high domed doublet backed with black leadlight glass & plays gorgeous orange-greens, lemon-yellows & lemon-greens, displaying in beautiful rolling flash pattern.

The specialised way in which our doublet jewelry is created ensures it will NEVER diminish in clarity or brilliance...Ever!

This modern & stylish design pendant setting has been cast with "bright" 925 Sterling Silver.

High Quality Gem Crystal Opal Doublet & Solid Silver Sterling Pendant
Oval Cabochon
Opal Origin:
Hans Peak, Cooberpedy, Australia
Total Pendant Length:
17.3mm x 11.4mm
Opal Doublet Size:
16.75mm x 5.0mm
 Orange-greens,lemon-yellows & lemon-greens
Rollling Flash
Very Bright

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