Gem Crystal Opal Pendant....
A breathtaking Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant (P280)
From the opal mining fields of Cooberpedy!!

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This is a magnificent opal pendant, star quality brilliant Gem Crystal Opal !!

This piece is breathtaking in it's sheer beauty & magnficent play of colour which does not come much better than this! 
Stunning crimson reds, oranges, gold-lemons, golds & electric blues play in a kalidescopic display of brilliant crystal fire.

The opal  is permanently backed to a pendant body of jet black leadlight glass.

An Australian solid 9 carat yellow Gold bail has been set well into the top of the pendant & the opal and leadlight glass has been cut & polished to absolute mirror perfection.

The specialised way in which our doublet jewellery is created means it will never diminish in clarity or brilliance .... EVER !!

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