Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
With Lightning Ridge Opal - P248

gem crystal opal pendant

Price: SOLD!

A brilliant high Gem Crystal Opal Doublet set into a solid 14 carat yellow Gold Floral setting.

This is a stunning opal doublet created from top quality Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal, playing brilliant reds, oranges with sky-blues & greens.


Category: Gem Doublet Opal Pendant
Setting:Australian Solid 14 carat Yellow Gold
Pendant Length:17.2 mm
Opal Size:9 x 7 mm Oval
Opal Type:Gem Crystal Opal Doublet
Origin:Lightning Ridge, N.S.W.,Australia
Dome:Mid to low dome
Colour:Reds,Oranges,Sky-blues, & greens
Pattern:Rolling Flash
Brightness:Very Bright
Body tone:Translucent

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