Gem Crystal Opal Doublet
& Gold Pendant - P292

This is a stunning Two Tier Gem Crystal Opal Doublet & Gold Pendant piece......

Gem Crystal Opal Doublet & Gold Pendant

Price: SOLD!

This is a stunning piece!

A brilliant red multi-colour top Gem Crystal opal doublet pendant that plays gorgeous reds, oranges, golds, gold-greens & beautiful blues.

The opal is star quality & brilliant in it's colour display with a solid yellow gold bail & bead setting off  this very pretty style beautifully. 
The opal itself thick & generous in it's use.

The opal has been permanently bonded to jet black leadlight glass with opal & glass being cut & polished to mirror perfection. 
The specialised way in which our doublet jewelry is created insures it will never diminish in clarity or brilliance - EVER!

An exquisite piece of jewelry !!

Star quality Gem Crystal Opal Doublet & Gold Pendant
Opal Origin:
CooberPedy, South Australia
Overall Pendant Length:
Opal Doublet Sizes:
Top Tier: 7.0mm high x 6.7mm x 5.8mm thick
Bottom Tier: 7.00mm high x 9.5mm x 5.8mm thick
Reds, oranges, golds, gold-greens, blues
Rollling Flash/Floral
Brilliant !
Bail & Bead:
Australian Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold

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