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A Stunning Opal Doublet & Gold Pendant

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Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant

This is a gorgeous opal pendant with top quality brilliant Gem Crystal Opal from the opal mining fields of Cooberpedy.

This piece is just stunning, with it's play of incredible red multi-coloured Crystal Opal fire - it is an opal pendant to be admired & enjoyed.

Colours on display are fiery reds & crimsons, oranges, golds, lemon yellow, gorgeous blues & greens.

The opal has been permanently backed onto a pendant body of jet black leadlight glass.

The bail is Australian Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold & complements perfectly this precision cut & mirror polished opal creation.

A fantastic gift for someone special or simply to spoil one's self with!

The specialised way in which our doublet jewellery is created means they will NEVER diminish in  clarity or brillance .... EVER !

Top Quality Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant
Opal Origin:
CooberPedy, South Australia
Overall Pendant Length
(with bail):
23.0 mm
Opal Doublet Pendant Size:
14.5mm x 12.5mm x 4.8mm thick
Red, Crimson multi-colour
Floral/Rolling Flash
Brilliant !
Australiann Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold

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