Gem Boulder Opal Pendant
A Quilpie Boulder Opal Split........PB259

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A lovely Gem Solid Boulder Opal pendant that plays very bright rolling flash colours of emerald green, green-golds, blues & green-orange.

This is a Boulder Opal Split with the face of the opal colours playing on the softly undulating polished curves of the Gem.

The top of the Boulder has been drilled & set within is a 925 hallmarked Sterling Silver Bail.

There is a small hairline flaw near the bottom right side of the stone caused at the time of the splitting of the boulder, but this will not affect the integrity or strength of the stone in anyway.

Great for everyday wear !


Solid Gem Boulder Opal Pendant
Quilpie Boulder Opal, Queensland, Australia
Overall Pendant Length:
24.0 mm
Opal Size:
Length 16.0mm x Width 12.4mm x Thickness 4.0mm
Opal Weight:
8.06 Carats
925 Hallmarked Solid Sterling Silver
Emerald green, green-golds, blues & green-orange
Very Bright !

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