Gem Boulder Crystal Opal Pendant
From the Mining Fields of Quilpie...(PB345)

Brilliant Gem Boulder Crystal Opal Pendant!

Solid Gem Boulder Crystal Opal Pendant PB345

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This is a fully 100% Natural Gemstone of high quality Queensland Boulder Opal displaying brilliant electric colours against deep & dark tones of it's own natural Boulder Opal background.

Slowly & meticulously having carved away the top layer of boulder opal stone a stunning & brilliantly coloured layer of Gem Crystal Opal was exposed,  playing gorgeous electric blues, some electric emerald greens  & a few reds as well.

Following the natural flow of contours of the Gem Opal has given a softly undulating surface to the finished Gem with the colours dancing & playing beautifully under the highly polished surface of the opal.

Finished with a solid 925 Sterling Silver bail, this Gem weighs a very impressive 49 carats.

A Striking "Unisex" Pendant....
Definitely a very eye-catching item of beautiful Boulder Opal Jewellery!

Solid Boulder Opal & Silver Pendant
Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Origin: Quilpie, Queensland, Australia
49 Carats
Opal Type:
100% Natural Gem Crystal Opal on Boulder
Pendant Length:
47.5 mm
Opal Size:
37.0mm x 27.0mm (widest point) x 5.5mm thick
Large Teardrop Cabochon (Carved)
Electric blues, electric emerald greens & a few reds
Natural Flaws:

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