Gem Black Crystal Opal Earrings - E213

Gem Black Crystal Opal Earrings


A beautiful matching pair of Gem Black Crystal Opal Earrings created from opal mined at the Mulga Fields of Lightning Ridge.

These are doublet type opal earrings, using fiery & bright Gem Black Crystal opal backed with jet black leadlight glass.  

The dangle style fittings are stamped 925 Sterling Silver and the round beads affixed to the top of the opal are genuine solid 9 carat yellow gold.
Above them are decorative spiral twists, again in solid Sterling Silver.

The opal colours at play here are beautiful deep greens with hints of green-blue.
(* The photos do not show the truer colours of the deep tones of the opal!)

A lovely & unique pair of Lightning Ridge opal earrings at a great price!


Total Length of Earrings: 22.8 mm
Length of Opal: 10.5 mm Depth of Earrings:  4.8 mm
Earring Style: Dangle Opal
Type: Black Crystal Opal Doublet
Metal: Solid Sterling Silver hallmarked .925
Gold Beads: Genuine 9 carat yellow solid gold
Opal Colour: Emerald Greens with Green-blues.

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