Gem Opal Earrings - E191

Gem Opal Earrings

Price:- SOLD!

A beautiful pair of Gem Opal earrings made from crystal opal mined at the famous Hans Peak opal mining field of Cooberpedy.

Permanently bonded to jet black leadlight glass with specially formulated compound, this Gem Crystal Opal sparkles and plays with beautiful colors of clean reds, oranges,gold-greens, greens and lovely blues.

The gold wire used in the making of these lovely opal earrings is Australian 0.8mm Solid 14ct yellow gold, with the earrings and gold being finished and polished to a mirror finish.


Type:   Dangle

Total Length of  Earring,including gold:-       28.0mm - (1+1/8" inch)

         Length of EarringBody:-                  14.8mm - (9/16" inch)

         Width of Earring Body:-                    7.5mm - (5/16" inch)

         Depth of EarringBody:-                    4.6mm - (3/16" inch)

Gold Wire & Chenier: -         Australian Solid 14 ct.yellow gold

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