Gem Crystal Opal Shell Pendant - P189

Gem Crystal Opal Shell Pendant


This is an absolutely gorgeous pendant!!

A fossilised and opalised seashell - transformed over a few hundred million years into this magnificent Gem Crystal Opal.

I felt very fortunate indeed when this beautiful solid gem crystal rough opal came my way.... it was a delight to create with!

This piece has lovely clarity and as the video shows, a wonderful play of color.

And speaking of color, every color of  the rainbow can be found here in sparkling and flashing abundance !

To create this stunning pendant, I have moulded and bonded  this lovely piece of Australian gem opal to a lovely solid piece of Koroit Boulder Opal, and then cut and polished it to a mirror finish.

To compliment the finished article, I  have fitted a lovely  solid 9ct yellow gold bail with a chenier collar, constructed also of solid 9ct.yellow gold.

At the level where the opal meets the boulder, on the side and bottom of the pendant there is a little  sand inclusion (small "whitish" area)   -  which is sometimes  normal  for a "shell" crystal opal originally from the ocean depths - but this in no way detracts from  the beauty of this Australian opal gemstone.

Total Length of Pendant:                        28.8 mm - 1 1/8" inches

Length of Pendant (excluding bail)          21.0 mm - 13/16" inch

Width of Pendant:                                  12.4 mm - 1/2" approx.

Depth of Pendant:                                    4.8 mm - 3/16" inch

Bail & Chenier collar:                 Australian solid 9ct. yellow gold

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