Gem Crystal Opal Pendant - P200

Gem Crystal Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD!

A beautiful and very fiery  Gem Crystal Opal Pendant, created using 100% Natural Cooberpedy Gem Crystal opal.

This very bright Opal Pendant exhibits beautiful reds, sparkling blues and greens.  

A very interesting feature at the bottom to left hand side of the pendant, where the bright crystal begins to give way to a natural Dark Crystal tone.

These bright and vivid colors flash and fire at every angle !

The Pendant body is constructed using jet black leadlight glass, having a  MOHS hardness of 6.5 to 6.


Total Pendant Length:- 19.9mm - (13/16" inch)
Pendant Length (excl.bail):- 11.8mm - (1/2" inch)
Pendant Width:-  9.0mm -  (3/8" inch)
Pendant Depth:- 4.85mm - (3/16" inch)
Opal:- CooberPedy Gem Crystal
Brightness:- Very Bright
Bail:- Australian 9ct.Yellow Solid Gold

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