Gem Boulder Inlay Pendant - PB206

Gem Boulder Inlay Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD!!

A magnificent Gem Boulder Inlay Pendant, created using Coober Pedy Gem Crystal opalised seashell and Queensland Gem Matrix  Boulder Opal.

Upon careful grinding across the face of an interesting item of boulder gem  matrix that I had recently brought to light out of my collection of boulder opal rough, I  was particularly impressed with the lovely color of a  naturally occuring piece of Gem Black Opal that was exposed within the boulder stone(shown in the bottom right hand corner of this piece.)

This would require a very special piece of Gem Opal for the inlay work - as I desired a near as perfect match for the naturally existing Gem Black Opal .

Fortune must have been on my side, as within a recent acquisition of quite beautiful Hans Peak Gem Crystal Opal from Coober Pedy was that one-of-a-kind piece of Gem Crystal that matched perfectly with  the naturally occuring Gem Black opal in the boulder stone.

Intensity of color with this piece of Gem Crystal shell opal is striking.

The play of color is a broad rolling flash, neon-like with the myriad of colors matching perfectly the color play within the black opal of the boulder stone.

Colors of both the naturally occuring Gem Black and the Gem Crystal Inlay opal are full spectrum, ranging from crimsons to the most incredible blues.

Absolutely awesome !!


Overall Pendant Length:-(incl.bail) 22.7mm - (29/32" inch)
Pendant Length:-             (excl.bail) 16.1mm - (5/8" inch)
Pendant Width:-              12.6mm - (1/2" inch)
Pendant Depth:-              4.2mm  - (3/16" inch)
Opal Type:-                    Queensland Boulder Opal with Gem Opalised Shell Inlay
Opal Carat Weight:-       N/A Opal
Brightness:-                   Brilliant Opal
Body Tone:-                   Dark
Bail:-                              Australian Solid 9ct.yellow gold

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