Gem Shell Crystal Opal Pendant - P257

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Price:  SOLD!
Cooberpedy Shell Crystal Opal Pendant.

A very pretty Opal Pendant featuring a beautiful piece of top Gem Cooberpedy Shell Crystal Opal set against & permanently bonded to a backdrop and pendant body of cut & highly polished jet black leadlight glass.

The bail has been hand fashioned using 1.00mm diameter Australian 9 carat Yellow Gold.

Very eye-catching !!


CATEGORY:            Gem Opal Pendant
OPAL:                       Cooberpedy Gem Shell Crystal
PENDANT BODY:  Cut & mirror polished Jet Black leadlight glass
PENDANT SIZE:     18.4mm Long, 10.6mm Wide,
                                  Total Thickness: 4.2mm
BAIL:                        1.0mm diameter Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold.
BRIGHTNESS:         Very Bright

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