Gem Matrix Koroit Opal Pendant

A beautiful Gem Matrix Koroit Opal Pendant playing a pattern of bright greens......

Beautiful Solid Gem Matrix Koroit Opal Pendant!

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Price:  Aud. $128.00

A lovely Koroit Solid Gem Matrix pendant showing a beautiful formation of Gem Matrix Opal patterning, with bright greens playing against a very dark brown ironstone background.

Every side of this stone has been beautifully cut & highly polished with the top of the opal having a carved oval hole for a chain or cord of your personal choice, to showcase your pendant.

This Koroit Gemstone Pendant comes with a complimentary silver plated chain for presentation purposes only.

Solid Boulder Opal Pendant
Opal Size:
18.5mm x 11.0mm x 4.6mm thick
Opal Type: Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Ironstone
Koroit Opal Mining Fields, Queensland,Australia
Greens against a dark ironstone background
9.7 Carats
Triangular Cabochon

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