Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Inlay Pendant - PB215

Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD!

A stunning opal pendant, full of dazzling fire and color!

With this piece, I started with a beautiful example of Gem Matrix Boulder Opal with fiery reds & emerald greens lighting up like "christmas lights" !

Against this lovely backdrop of sparkling color, I have carefully and precisely inlaid two pieces of matching top Gem Crystal Opal from CooberPedy.

The color play of this beautiful gem crystal is very close to that of the Gem Matrix Boulder itself, and exhibits additional fiery colors of rich blue & lemon gold, creating an overall effect of vibrant scintillating color !

The layer of gem matrix boulder measured 1.4mm thick, not quite enough to stand alone as a pendant - so it was bonded to a backing of Lightning Ridge Black Opal base stone, thereby giving the pendant a nice body balance and weight.

Into the back of the black base, I have inlaid a bail of solid silver, durable enough to last a lifetime!  

An exquisite opal jewelry piece, suitable for everyday or evening wear.


Overall Length of Pendant:         25.0 mm

Width of Pendant:                     18.0 mm

Thickness of Pendant:                 4.5 mm

Bail:                                       Solid Silver

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