Gem Doublet Opal Heart Pendant

Gem Crystal Doublet Opal Heart Pendant

P253 - Price: SOLD!
Brilliant Gem Doublet Opal Heart Pendant!

A beautiful neon bright Opal Doublet Pendant created using a piece of Gem quality Dark Crystal Opal.

Permanently bonded to Koroit Boulder ironstone then fashioned into a lovely Heart shape.

Colours at play are brilliant emerald greens & blue greens which dance across the face of the Gem in a stunning display of vivid green fire!

The bail is Australian solid 9 carat Yellow Gold with the stem being set deep into the boulder opal backing.

A great gift for a loved one!


Pendant Length:
Pendant Width:
Pendant Thickness:
Opal Origin:
Opal Type:
Backing Material:

Gem Doublet Opal Heart Pendant
23.0 mm
14.0 mm
5.8 mm
Heart Shape
Lightning Ridge, NSW,Australia
Gem Quality Dark Crystal
Koroit Boulder ironstone
Emerald Greens, blue-greens
Rolling Flash
Australian Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold

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