Fossilised Gem Shell Opal Pendant
A Unique & Stunning Gem Shell Opal Pendant
Handcrafted in Sterling Silver-P321

This fossilised gem shell opal pendant is of a mussel seashell, millions of years old!

Fossilised Gem Shell Opal Pendant!

P321 - Price: SOLD!

This is a beautiful & vibrant Gem Opal Pendant!

The opal is a fossilised mussel seashell where over millions of years the original material of the mussel shell has been fully replaced with precious Gem Crystal Opal in a brilliant display of multi-coloured fire!

The fine ochre coloured lines that can be clearly seen, are a result of the shifting of the tetonic plates millions of years ago.  This in turn caused stress lines to form in the Opal.

These lines subsequently became stained with the colouring of the surrounding  coloured ochre of the sandstone in which the opalised shell was residing deep under the surface of the ancient ocean.

Presentation of this gorgeous & richly coloured opal has been achieved by claw setting the Gem into a totally handcrafted setting of Hallmarked 925 Solid Sterling Silver.

The colours in this unique & fascinating opalised Gem Shell Pendant are rich & full spectrum that play gorgeous red-oranges, oranges, golds, lemon-yellows, greens, blues & mauves.

To totally strengthen & fully stabilise all aspects of this beautiful opal Gemstone, I have permanently bonded the opal to a backing of Queensland Boulder Opal Ironstone.

A stunning piece of Australia's ancient oceanic history,
transformed into "living" colour & fire !

Gem Crystal Shell Opal & Solid Silver Pendant
Handcrafted Claw Set Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Weight of Silver:
5.5 grams
Total Weight of Pendant:
7.58 grams
Gem Crystal Opalised Mussel Shell
Coober Pedy, South Australia
Total Pendant Length:
30.7mm x 14.3mm x 9.00mm deep
Red-Orange Multi-colour
Floral/Rolling Flash
Very Bright! (4 out of 5)

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