Flag Harlequin Opal Pendant - P185

Flag Harlequin Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD

A stunning and magnificent genuine Flag Harlequin Gem Opal pendant!

It has been many years since I have gazed upon such a rare and near perfect harlequin pattern found in a natural Gem Opal.

Although beautiful examples of this rare and exraordinary pattern do occasionally occur in fine grade crystal opal from Cooberpedy, and even gem boulder opal, outstanding harlequin patterns were known as a signature of the finest opal found at Lightning Ridge.

To find this brilliant gem amongst some early Lightning Ridge rough which I've been hoarding for years, was a little exciting to say the least!

The patterns and colors of this stunning pendant shine and glow brilliantly at every angle, a lovely and valuable feature of this gem.

Though a little difficult to capture the colors fully on camera, I will say there are a lot more beautiful oranges displaying themselves than what the photo or video has shown.

This absolutely gorgeous opal pendant would greatly compliment your "evening wear" attire,as even under low light conditions this stunning opal pulls in surrounding light and allows the brilliant colors and moving patterns to - simply put - GLOW !

Colors on display in this opal gem are orange to orange green, green gold, emerald green and a deep blue.

The opal itself is 1.2 mm or approxi. 1/16" inch thick and bonded to solid black gem onyx (with my special compound recipe).

The substantial and solid 14 ct.yellow gold bail is of my own design and compliments this stunning one of a kind opal gem pendant perfectly.

I have added a little inlay work to the back of the pendant as a "signature" to this very special piece.


Type of opal: Natural Crystal

Origin of Opal: Lightning Ridge, Australia

Pattern: Harlequin

Colors: Orange to orange-green, green gold,
Emerald green, deep blue.

Brightness: Very bright

Bail: Australian solid 14ct yellowgold
Pendant Back: Black Gem Onyx


Total Length of Pendant: 22.1mm 7/8" inch

Pendant Length
without bail: 14.5mm 9/16" inch

Pendant width: 8.8mm 3/8" inch

Pendant depth: 4.0mm 3/16" inch

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