Dark Crystal Opal
From Lightning Ridge......

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Dark Crystal Opal SBK097

SBK097 - Price: SOLD

2.5 carats Solid Lightning Ridge Dark Crystal Opal
This is a brilliant & stunning Gemstone with the main feature being a neon bright band of blazing multi-coloured Crystal fire bordered by two bands of natural Black base.

This gorgeous Gem would make into either a beautiful Ring or Pendant!


Category: 100% Natural & Solid Lightning Ridge Dark Crystal Opal

Origin: Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia

Size: 15.6mm x 11.0mm x 2.1mm thick

Opal Shape: Triangular Freeform

Weight: 2.5 carats

Pattern: Moving-rolling flash

Colour: Multi-colour reds, oranges, blues & greens

Body Tone Dark Base

Brightness: Brilliant

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