Crystal Opal & Gold Pendant

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A beautiful opal pendant, solid skin to skin Crystal to light crystal opal that plays lovely reds, light oranges, aqua blue-greens & greens.

The top of the opal has been drilled & set with a lifetime wearing Australian Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold Bail.

There are a couple of tiny pin size inclusions in the right side middle of the Gem, (barely noticeable to the naked eye) which do not detract at all from the overall beauty of this gorgeous gemstone.

Perfect to enjoy for everyday wear !!

Solid Gem Crystal Opal & Gold Pendant
Opal Origin:
Coober Pedy, South Australia
Oveall Pendant Length:
27.3 mm
Opal Size:
21.0mm x 11.8mm x 5.0mm thick
8.36 Carats
Reds, Light oranges, aqua blue-greens & greens.
Very Bright !
Australian Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold
Rolling Flash

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