Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant
With Coober Pedy Brilliant Gem Opal  - P278

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A stunningly beautiful opal pendant!

This gorgeous Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant was created using genuine Coober Pedy top quality Gem Crystal Opal, permanently bonded to a pendant body of jet black leadlight glass.

The colours are magnificent, neon brilliant emerald greens & at different angles, neon brilliant metallic aqua blue-greens also come into play.

The pattern of colour play here is a broad flagstone pattern in a moving/rolling flash display of vivid greens & blue-green fire.

The specialised way in which our doublet jewellery is created means they will never diminish in clarity or brilliance - EVER !

The bail system used is high quality 14 CT Yellow Gold filled.

Top Quality Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant
Opal Origin:
Coober Pedy, South Australia.
Overall Pendant Length:
21.0 mm
Opal Doublet Pendant Size:
12.0mm Round Diameter x 5.3mm thick
Emerald greens, metallic aqua blue-greens
Broad Flagstone in a moving/rolling flash
Brilliant !!
High Quality 14 CT Yellow Gold Filled

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