Crystal Gem Opal Pendant - P193

Crystal Gem Opal Pendant

Price:- SOLD!!

This delightfully bright Gem Crystal Opal Pendant has been created using an exquisite piece of flawless Cooberpedy Gem Crystal Opal.

It is a beautiful piece of Gem Crystal with a lovely clarity of different colors - reds, oranges, lemon-golds, rich blues and neon greens that  flash from within and move over  this striking Opal Pendant !

The bright red shaft of colour that can be seen cuts across the face of the opal and angles down into the heart of this stunning opal gem, illustrating the clarity and 3D effect of this beautiful Cooberpedy Crystal Gem Opal.

The Pendant body for all this beautiful opal fire, is created with jet black leadlight glass, then perfectly cut and polished to a mirror finish and complimented with a solid 14ct.yellow gold bail.


Total Length of Pendant:-                    15.8mm - 5/8 " inch

Pendant Length,without bail:-               11.5mm - 7/16" inch

Pendant Width:-                                    8.0mm - 5/16 " inch

Pendant Depth:-                                    4.00mm - 5/32 " inch

Bail:-                                                   Solid 14ct.yellow gold

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