Crystal Opal Silver Ring
With Opal From
The Mintabie Opal Fields of Australia....RG114

A Crystal Opal Silver Ring with solid Australian Mintabie Opal set in a stylish & exquisite ring design.....

Exquisite Crystal Opal Silver Ring!

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Price: Aud.  $280.00

This is a beautiful Crystal Opal Silver Ring, very elegant & stylish which shows off perfectly an exquisite Solid Crystal Opal mined from the Mintabie Opal Mining Field in South Australia.

The Opal has a fine grass-like pattern displaying gorgeous delicate colours of orange, light gold, lemon-yellows & lemon-greens at every turn & angle of the Gem!

The Ring itself is of a claw set design, crafted in Australian "Bright" Solid 925 hallmarked Sterling Silver.

Within the opal occurs two very tiny natural darkish spots;  the smallest one appears to be a micro sized insect & the other a tiny fragment of plant matter. 

Both of these unique elements would have been encased in the opal at the same time when the opal silica was first forming millions of years ago! 

Solid Opal & Silver Ring
 Australian 925 "Bright" Hallmarked Sterling Silver
Setting: Claw Set
Ring Size:
K 1/2  (Approx. 5 3/4 U.S size)
Top quality Solid Gem Crystal Opal
Mintabie Opal Fields,  South Australia
Opal Size: 5.7mm x 4.4mm x 2.3mm deep
Colour: Oranges, Light Golds, Lemon Yellows & Lemon Greens
Fire Grass
Brightness: Very Bright !
Body Tone: Translucent

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