Cooberpedy Opal Seashell Pendant

A stunning Cooberpedy Opal Seashell Pendant combining top Gem Shell Opal with a beautifully patterned Seashell!

A Stunning Cooberpedy Opal Seashell Pendant!

Price: SOLD!

This is a stunning creation, combining brilliantly colored top Gem Shell Opal with a beautifully patterned Seashell from the shores of our Australian Beaches!

The opal is high grade Gem Shell Opal mined at Cooberpedy & displays vividly against the coloured patterns & swirls of the Seashell.

The colors here on display are brilliant & electric reds, greens & blues in a very flashy rolling flash pattern.

The opal has been permanently set to the shell both from the top & from within & in the same manner the shell itself has also been permanently bonded to a pendant backing of black opal potch stone.

The opal, shell & stone backing have all been beautifully cut & polished & preented with a solid 925 Sterling Silver bail.

A Stunning Piece of Australia!

Opal & Shell Pendant
Solid 925 Sterling Silver bail
Opal: High grade quality Gem Shell Opal
Coober Pedy, South Australia
Electric Reds, Greens & Blues
Brilliant !
Pendant Length:
Opal & Shell dimensions:
13.5mm x 13.4mm x 7.7mm deep

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