Cooberpedy Crystal Opal Pendant - P196

Cooberpedy Crystal Opal Pendant


Stunning and vibrant are my first thoughts that come to mind with this brilliant and full of fire Cooberpedy Crystal Opal Pendant.

This beautiful piece was created using brilliant Cooberpedy red Crystal opal, striking in its appearance, flawless in it's makeup.

This kind of top gem rough is a joy and quite inspiring to work with !

The colors are brilliant reds, stunning crimsons, indigo, beautiful royal blues, sky blues and lovely aqua greens. The flow and play of color is vivid and vibant and toally harmonise within all it's aspects.  

I will mention that the photographs tend to overemphasise more royal blue in the photos but to the naked eye, the true colors  are predominantly  reds and crimsons which feature more in  this stunning pendant !

The pendant body for this Gem is a single piece of  Gem Black Onyx and please note my signature inlay of opal in the back of the pendant, adding that special finishing touch overall !


Total Length of Pendant                     18.7mm - 3/4" inch

Pendant Length (excl.bail)                  12.8mm - 1/2" inch

Pendant Width:                                    7.8mm - 5/16" inch

Pendant Depth:                                    4.0mm - 3/16" inch

Bail:     Australian solid 9ct.yellow gold.

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