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Cooberpedy landscape

The name of Cooberpedy in the opal outback seems to have come from the Aboriginal translation of "coober", meaning boy/white man and "pedy" meaning a hole.

So the translation of the name took on the meaning of "white man down a hole".

Opal is mined from the CooberPedy Precious Stones Field which covers an area of just under 5,000 square kilometres - only a small area of this has been worked.

It is a fascinating township where most of it's residents live underground, due to the heat and temperature that can reach to 50 deg.C in summer, or more.

The idea of living underground is believed to have originally come from the influx of miners to Cooberpedy in who were returned soldiers who had  been used to living in the trenches in Europe during the Great War of 1914 -18 and understood the advantages of a constant temperature of a "dugout".

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