Cooberpedy Opal Outback Memories....

What is your best memory of your visit to Cooberpedy or it's surrounds ?

Was it the feeling of excitement of visiting one of the many opal mining areas like Mintabie or Andamooka or doing some fossicking or noodling?

Was it people that you met, maybe even made friends with.....a special place that you stayed.

Do you have a  memory of buying a special opal piece ?

Whatever that best memory is .... tell us about it - write your own Opal Story and have it put onto your very own webpage with it's own URL address - one that you can email to family and friends and let them drop in and see your opal story! Make good use of the Social Network button at the bottom of your  webpage and showcase your story through My Space, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! Buzz etc..

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What is your best memory of your visit to Cooberpedy ?

Tell us your story of a lovely memory or experience that you had when you visited Cooberpedy.

Did you visit any of the opal mining areas and find any good opal?

Or did you just have an overall good memory of the whole place?
Write it down and share it with our opal visitors...

Do you have a photo to go with your story? Upload it...put it on your own webpage.

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