Cooberpedy Gem Opal Pendant - P208

Cooberpedy Gem Opal Pendant

Price:  SOLD!

A stunning and brilliant Cooberpedy Gem Opal Pendant, created using a piece of amazing Gem Crystal Opal, clean as, and absolutely full of the colors of "blazing Christmas lights" !

The pattern I would describe as small chaff, with a beautiful and very lively color-play.

Stunning Crimsons, golds, oranges, brilliant blues and greens all combine to create an amazing kalidescope of color !

The pendant body is of  jet black leadlight blass (MOHS hardness 6.5 to 6), but and polished to mirror perfection.

The bail used is Australian 9ct. yellow gold.


Oveall Pendant Length:- (incl.bail) 21.0mm - 13/16" inch
Pendant Length:- (excl.bail) 14.5mm - 9/16" inch
Pendant Width:- 11.8 mm - 1/2" inch
Pendant Depth:-  6.3mm - 1/4" inch
Opal Type:- Cooberpedy Top Gem Multi-color Crystal
Opal Carat Weight:- N/A
Opal Brightness:- Brilliant
Opal Body Tone:- Translucent
Bail:- Australian 9ct.yellow gold.

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