Celtic Gem Crystal Opal Ring
With Star Gem Solid Cooberpedy Opal! (RG111)

Brilliant Celtic Gem Crystal Opal Ring with star gem Cooberpedy opal....

Brilliant Celtic Gem Crystal Opal Ring!

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Price: Aud. $275.00

This is a beautiful sculptured designed Ring with a strong Celtic influence, crafted in solid 925 Sterling Silver with a solid Gold Opal surround!

The okal set within the 9 carat Yellow Gold surround is a piece of Star Gem quality Cooberpedy Opal measuring 3.5mm in diameter & plays neon brilliant reds, red-orange & neon sky-blues.

Very Elegant.... Very Enchanting!

Solid Crystal Opal Ring
925 Bright Sterling Silver with 9ct.Gold opal surround
Settings: Australian Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold Studs
Ring Size:
Size S (approx.US 9 1/2)
Star Gem quality Crystal Opal
Cooberpedy, South Australia
Brightness: Neon Brilliant!
Opal Size: 3.5mm diameter
Colour: Reds, Red-oranges, Sky-blues
Pattern: Floral

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