Carved Heart Gem Opal Pendant
With Genuine Australian Opal! (P374)

A Stunning Heart Gem Opal pendant!

A stunning Heart shaped Gem Opal Pendant!

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Price: Aud. $470.00

This beautiful Heart shaped Gem Doublet Opal Pendant has been carved from a flawless piece of high Gem quality Shell Crystal Opal mined at Coober Pedy, Australia.

The opal has been permanently bonded to Queensland Boulder Opal with a solid 9 ct. Yellow Gold bail drill set into the top of the pendant.

Colours of this opal range from beautiful fiery & luscious sea-greens,  oranges & sky blues!

A vibrant & beautiful high quality Gem Opal Pendant for distinctive & stylish Day wear or for that elegant Evening occasion!

Genuine Australian Opal Doublet Heart & Gold Pendant
Opal Type:
High Quality Gem Crystal Shell Opal
Opal Size: 18.5mm x 12.1mm x 5.5mm deep
Opal Origin: CooberPedy, South Australia
Pendant Weight:
11.0 Carats
Total Pendant Length: 23.5mm
Australian Solid 9 ct. Yellow Gold
Colour: Oranges, Sky blues, Neo-Greens
Brightness: Very Bright!
Flaws: None

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