Carved Solid Gem Opal Pendant - P221

Carved Solid Gem Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD!

A unique & beautiful Carved Solid Gem Opal Pendant, carved from a piece of bright & colourful Lightning Ridge Gem Opal!

This design shape was rather easy to choose  as nature had already decided upon how this piece was to be presented out to the world, so after cutting down and removing the top layer of stone, a lovely gem bar of colour remained with the patterning and positioning of the colours naturally forming this shape.

In the areas of the original opal stone where there was no colour, just white potch, it was a simple matter to carve away the opal to the finished carved contoured one that is pictured.

Set several millimetres into the top of this rather unique & colourful opal pendant is a Solid 14 carat yellow gold bail.

Colours at play are flashing and rolling reds, red-oranges, oranges, golds, light greens and sky-blues.


Length of Pendant: 25.0mm
Length of Opal: 20.5mm
Width of Pendant: 15.5mm
Thickness of Pendant: 3.0mm
Opal: Solid Lightning Ridge Gem Light Crystal
Weight: 4.5 carats
Brightness: Bright
Pattern: Rolling Flash
Colours: Reds,red-oranges,oranges,golds,light greens & sky blues.
Clarity: Semi-translucent
Bail: Solid 14 carat yellow gold

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