Care of Opals On Black Jewelry

Our Opal Jewelry is different and a lot of care and attention has gone into its creation, so we would like to give a few suggestions to help you keep your unique piece of jewellery looking its best.

It is always best to keep your opal jewellery separate from your other jewellery, in particular from metal.

As metal is harder than opal, mixing the two together may result in minor scratches forming on either the opal or its finished backing, and although repairable, it is better being avoided in the first instance so that this beautiful handcrafted item of Opal Jewelry can be fully enjoyed at all times.

Like all opal jewellery, with handling over time, a little natural hand oil may collect on the surface.

Simply wiping the piece with a clean wet sponge and drying with a clean soft cloth, will restore your Opal Jewellery to its full glory again.

Please do not use DETERGENTS, SOLVENTS or ABRASIVES in the cleaning of your Opals-On-Black products.

Also, do not use a "JEWELLER'S CLOTH" to clean or dry your opal item, as they contain gold and silver polishing ingredients and would mar and damage the polish of your Opals On Black jewelry piece.

The above recommendations are given to ensure the best care and longevity of your Opals On Black Jewelry !

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