Butterfly Gem Opal Pendant (P376)

Butterfly Gem Opal Pendant

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Price: $220.00

A beautiful & enchanting carved Butterfly Gem Opal Pendant handcrafted using Gem Shell Semi-Crystal Opal!

When first mined, this very pretty Shell opal piece was already naturally shaped towards that of a butterfly, so after a few fine touch-ups with some carving  what evolved was this beautiful Opal Butterfly, displaying bright irridescent bands of multi-colour across the spread of it's wings & body.
The top of this doublet pendant has been drill set with a solid 925 Sterling Silver bail with a tiny bead of solid 9 carat Yellow Gold Chenier spacing between the bail & body of the butterfly.

The opal butterfly pendant body has been permanently backed to cut & polished leadlight glass.

Genuine Australian Opal Doublet & Silver Pendant
Opal Type:
Gem Shell Semi-Crystal Opal
Opal Origin: Cooberpedy, South Australia
Colour: Multi-Colour
Pendant Shape:
Carved Butterfly
Pendant Weight: 7.7 Carats
Total Pendant Length : With Bail:   16.8mm
Opal Size:
18.5mm wide x 9.5mm x 3.9mm thick
Bail: Solid 925 Sterling Silver with 9ct. Gold Chenier bead
Brightness: Bright
Flaw: None

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