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Gem matrix boulder opal pendant

The differing array of patterns, swirls and opal formations within Gem Matrix Boulder Opal are infinite in their designs, giving me endless ideas for creating our beautiful Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Jewelry.

This versatile and wonderful gem opal stone is a great medium to work with .... firstly from choosing a fascinating piece of Gem Matrix Boulder Opal with it's individual patterning, and then matching the "perfect"Gem opal (or opals!) to inlay into it.

The precise contouring, shaping and preparing of the opal gem inlay is a meticulous process, so that it gives a feeling of "shape and flow" to our boulder jewelry, that fully compliments the natural patterns and swirls of the "host" matrix boulder opal's own "play of colors".

This is an area of creativity that I thoroughly enjoy and love to work with!

Koroit opal boulder is also very much a favorite of mine in the creation of our boulder opal jewelry.

As a "family" business, we personally source our own opal, create & handcraft with inspiration our Specialist  & Unique Designs, which all reflect the fine quality of workmanship & genuine prices that we offer.

 Happy Customers' Comments...!

"Both pieces arrived extremely fast!  I absolutely love these stunning pieces! This is the first time, first company I have purchased these gems online that the pieces have been true to color (even PRETTIER). 

Amazing color, amazing quality, absolutely stunning pieces. Thank you! I look forward to buying more (starting to save for my next piece!). "  Kind Regards, Lisa (Florida, USA)

"Thank you for the Beautiful Earrings! Luv em!"
(M.H., Sleepyhollow, NY, USA)

Our Boulder Opal Jewelry

All photographs are taken in natural light to give the closest color comparison to the Opal.

We will state any color differences with each individual piece of jewelry.

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PB356 -Opal Butterfly on Boulder Leaf!

Price: SOLD!

PB372 - Jundah Heart Australian
Boulder Opal Pendant


PB345 - Gem Boulder Crystal Opal Pendant.
49 Carats of brilliant Electric Colours!


PB290 - Gem Matrix "Lace Pattern" Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant

Price:  $280.00

"Hello Peter & Belle,
Both of my boulder opal pendants arrived just a few minutes ago, and to say I'm very happy with them would be a gross understatement. They are both so beautiful!!!!! Both have brilliant fire to them. Thank you so much!!!! I love them!

(S.N, Ohio,U.S)

PB342 - Lovely Solid Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant!

Price: $128.00

PB232 - Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant


PB344 - Koroit "Rune" Solid Gem Matrix Opal Pendant!

Price: SOLD!

PB343 - A  beautifully patterned Gem Matrix Koroit Boulder Opal

Price: $118.00

PB349 - Delightful Koroit Gem Matrix Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD!

PB350 - From the Jundah Opal Fields in Outback. Australia....

Price: $128.00

EB222 - Enchanting pair of Koroit Boulder Opal Earrings!

Price: SOLD!

Matching lace patterned Koroit Boulder Opal Earrings

EB224- A beautifully matched pair lace patterned Gem Matrix Boulder Opal earrings.

Price: $275.00

PB367 - Price:  $78.00
Koroit Solid Boulder Opal & Silver Pendant (15 Carat)
A very lovely piece of patterned Gem Matrix Koroit Boulder Opal which plays beautiful & bright opal matrix colours of emerald greens, oranges, deep blues & some pin point lights of red.
The bail is solid 925 Sterling Silver, drilled & chemset into the top of the Pendant.
The pendant comes with a high quality Sterling Silver plated presentation chain with lobster clasp as shown in the last pix.

Solid Boulder & S/Silver Pendant
Opal Type:
Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder
Bail: Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Opal Origin: Koroit, Queensland, Australia
Opal Size:
20.0mm x 15.5mm wide x 6.0mm deep
Full Pendant Length:
As in Description above
Colour Tone:
Very Bright!
Gem Matrix
Body Tone: Ochre Earth Browns

What Is Queensland Boulder Opal ......

Boulder Matrix Opal is where the precious opal infuses and permeates into sandstone and ironstone, filling the crevices and holes of the host rock.

Boulder Opal is a thick layer of gem opal that is naturally attached to it's brown ironstone host rock.

P146Boulder Opal Pendant

From the heady days of the magnificent Hayricks Mine and the worlds finest crystal opal discovered at Duck Creek, Queensland in Australia continues to produce magnificent boulder up to this present day.

From incredible red black opal on boulder to the finest crystal gem boulder opal, Queensland's most precious "Queen of Gems" still bedazzles and enchants all those who gaze upon her beauty.

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The Boulder Opal Mining Fields & Towns Of Queensland !

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