Australian Boulder Opal Rough
From The Queensland Opal Mining Fields of Koroit, Quilpie & Yowah ...

Very Rare Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Picture Rub

Our Boulder Opal Rough is individually sliced and faced.

Each boulder opal piece has been trimmed with both sides cleaned up and given a nice shine to their surfaces, so that their cutting potential is more clearly visible.

This material is still classed as "rough boulder" and still needs orientating, cutting & polishing to produce your quality finished Boulder Opal piece!

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All of our boulder opal rough photographs are taken in natural light to give the closest colour comparisons.

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Rare Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Picture Rub
RB040 - Price: SOLD!
Very Rare High Quality Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Picture Rub - 101 Carats !!

An amazing & totally unique Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder Opal split!

What has emerged in this Gem opal is a laced form of some rare & exotic Butterfly.......

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