Black Opal Solid
From The Opal Mining Fields Of
Lightning Ridge - SBK254

Black Opal Solid

Black Opal Solid From Lightning Ridge.....

Price: SOLD!

A very bright & beautiful high domed N3 Black Opal Solid that plays lovely & rich emerald greens at every angle & turn of the Gem.

This Black Opal would make into a stunning Ringstone & being calibrated to an industry standard 7 x 5mm oval, ,would make the selection for a design a simple matter indeed!

Solid Black Opal
Lightning Ridge, NSW,  Australia
Weight: 0.62 Carats
Shape: Calibrated Oval Cabochon
Opal Size:
7.0mm x 5.0mm x 2.6mm thick
Very Bright!
Body Tone:
Floral/Rolling Flash

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