Black Opal Heart Pendant
With Genuine N1 Lightning Ridge Solid Red On Black Opal!

Black opal heart pendant

P243 - Black Opal Heart Pendant

The most prized and sought after colour of them all - Lightning Ridge Red-Black Solid Opal - the stuff dreams are made of !!

In the case of this stunning petite Solid Gold Heart pendant, this is a true red-black opal with the blood red colours immersing deeply into the black - a rarity & all the more valuable because of it !

Deep blood reds & sunset reds flash & dance all over the face of this magnificent 0.35 carat gem.  Also at play are deep electric blues with a hint of deep emerald green.

This piece is a true rarity!

A claw setting was chosen to show off the breathtaking Gem and matched to a beautiful and petite "Heart" design in Australian solid 9 carat yellow gold.

A wonderful gift of the heart to present to someone or simply to give to yourself...


Category:Solid Black Opal Pendant
Body Tone:N1
Setting:Australian Solid 9 carat yellow gold - claw setting
Pendant Length:15.7 mm
Pendant Width:10.4 mm
Opal Type:Solid Black Opal
Opal Size:4.5 mm round
Weight:0.35 carat
Origin: Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia
Colour:Red on Black with a few deep electric blues.
Pattern:Rolling Flash
Brightness:Very Bright !

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