Black Opal Doublet Silver Pendant
With Lightning Ridge Opal!

A brilliant Black Opal Doublet Silver Pendant displaying stunning reds in this Lightning Ridge Opal !

Price: SOLD!

This is a brilliant Pendant featuring a magnificent Lightning Ridge  Black Opal Doublet that plays stunning crimson reds with electric greens & blues in a beautiful broad flash patterning.

This beautiful Gem has been claw set into a lovely pendant design of crafted Patented Australian "Bright" 925 Sterling Silver.

An "Eye-Catching" opal pendant, suitable for
Day or Evening

It's brilliant
Lightning Ridge colours a delight to display !

Black Opal Doublet & Silver Pendant
Pendant & Bail:
Patented Australian 925 "Bright" Sterling Silver
Opal: Black Opal Doublet
Opal Origin:
Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia
Pendant Size:
28.0mm x 9.0mm x 3.9mm high
Opal Size:
16.7mm x 8.7mm x 2.3mm
Colour: Crimson Reds, Electric Greens & Blues
Brightness: Brilliant !

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