Black Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant
With Brilliant Fire Koroit Gem (PB348)

This Black Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant is of brilliant fire Koroit Gem!

Brilliant Fire Koroit Gem Black Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant !

Price: SOLD!

This is a beautiful Gem Black Boulder Opal pendant, part of a "split" of a much larger stone, then handcarved to follow and expose the brilliantly coloured Gem Crystal Opal naturally occurring on the "black" Matrix Boulder.

Where the Gem opal has formed against the very dark boulder, this would be classed as "Gem Black Boulder Opal", N3 on the body tone scale.

The bail set & pinnned into the top of the stone is a handcrafted Solid 925 Sterling Silver.

A lovely & one of the more rarer types of Gem Boulder Opal to be found !

Solid Boulder Opal & Silver Pendant
Handcrafted Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Opal Type: Koroit Gem "Black" Matrix Boulder Opal
Koroit Opal Mining Fields, Queensland, Australia
Emerald greens & green-blues
Opal Dimensions:
20.0mm x 13.0mm wide
9.8 Carats
Pendant Length:
Carved Freeform

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