Black Crystal Opal Pendant
With A 14.7 Carats Of Lightning Ridge Opal..P326

A striking Lightning Ridge Solid Black Crystal Opal Pendant of 14.7 carats.....

Black Crystal Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD!

A striking & elegant Pendant featuring a beautiful Lightning Ridge Solid Black Crystal Opal that weighs a total of 14.7 carats.

The top of the Gem plays gorgeous neon-like emerald greens to green-blues, whilst the rest of the opal plays irridescent "oceanic" green-blues & blue-greens.

The black patterning on the left side of the Opal is part of the fully natural make-up of the opal & adds to the authenticity of the Gem being Black Crystal Opal.

The handcrafted claw set design has been totally fashioned from Australian Solid 925 Sterling Silver.

An Elegant  & Visual

Black Crystal Opal Pendant ....!

Solid Crystal Black Opal & Sterling Silver Pendant
Handcrafted Claw Set Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Weight of Silver:
3.52 grams
Solid Black Crystal
14.7 Carats
Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia
Pendant Length:
40.0 mm
Opal Size:
31.7mm x 13.2mm x 4.7mm thick
Metallic Irridescence
Very Bright to Bright!
Emerald Greens, gren-blues, oceanic green-blues & blue-greens

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