Black Crystal Opal Pendant
With Lightning Ridge Opal - P247

Black Crystal Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD!

This is a beautiful Opal Pendant - a large & bright high to mid domed cabochon Gem Opal Doublet created from Lightning Ridge Black Crystal Opal, featuring gorgeous oceanic blue-greens with gentle undertones of mauve.

These colours are quite difficult to photograph -  so this opal beauty is so much prettier in reality !!


Category: Gem Doublet Opal Pendant
Setting:Australian Solid Sterling Silver
Pendant Length:28.0 mm
Opal Size:19.0 mm x 14.2 mm Oval
Opal Type:Gem Black Crystal Opal Doublet
Origin:Lightning Ridge, N.S.W., Australia
Dome:High to Mid domed cabochon
Colour:Oceanic blue-greens with mauve undertones
Body tone:N1

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