Genuine Solid Black Opal Pendant From Lightning Ridge - P229

Solid Black Opal

Price: SOLD
This is a beautiful & large genuine Solid Black Opal Pendant, cut from a single nobby of gem black rough and shaped into a flowing and elegant triangular cabochon.

Beautiful green-blues & blues play at every angle ( See Video Below) on the face of this perfectly cut & mirror polished Lightning Ridge Gem.

A stunning pendant that would feature prominently when worn either day or night!

Set into the top of this lovely gemstone is a solid 9ct.yellow gold bail, into which has been set 3 fine White diamonds, complementing the overall effect of this pendant perfectly.

The back of this Gemstone has a few minor sand inclusions, quite normal for this type of Opal but these sit only in the outermost skin and do not affect the integrity of the Gem in any way.


Category: Solid Black Opal Gem Pendant
Origin: Lightning Ridge, Australia
Setting: Solid 9ct.yellow gold bail, inset with 3 fine White Diamonds Gemstone Dimensions: Width: 35.3mm , Height: 22.8mm,  Thickness(at top): 3.6mm & (bottom): 2.7mm
Weight: 18.85 carats
Shape: Flowing triangle
Transparency: Opaque Pattern: Small Chaff Body
Tone: N3 Brightness: Bright

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