Black Opal Gem Intarsia Pendant - P231

Black Opal Intarsia pendant

Price: SOLD!

A beautiful & elegant Intarsia Pendant!

This special Black Opal Gem Intarsia piece has been created using Gem Black Crystal and Gem Crystal Opal, both pieces originate from the mining fields of Lightning Ridge.

The main body of opal which forms the lower portion of this pendant, is a lovely piece of Gem Black Crystal featuring colours of deep blue & green-blue with beautiful overtones of mauve.

It is very difficult indeed to capture the intermingling of these wonderful subtle hues of colour in photographs, as the camera lens tends to focus more overall on the blues than the green-blluies and blue-greens.

Precisely aligned to the Black Crystal is a sculptured piece of jet black opal potch which forms the centre of the Intarsia inlay.

A piece of brilliant Red Crystal Gem Opal forms the crowning apex to this stunning piece.

Again, the fit of Gem opal cut to the contour of the jet black opal potch is perfect with the finished piece complimented with a Solid 9 carat yellow Gold bail.

The backing material which forms this pendant body for these thick pieces of Gem opal is jet black leadlight glass which has a MOHS hardness identical to that of opal.
(* The bottom picture displays perfectly the layered section of this Intarsia work.)

This "one-of-a-kind" Intarsia pendant has been cut & polished to perfection and ready to wear with your favourite gold chain.

A wonderful piece for day or evening wear and doubles as a great investment jewellery item!


Overall Length of Pendant: 36.8 mm
Length of Bail:  5.8 mm
Thickness of Pendant:  6.5 mm
Bail: Australian Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold
Type of Opal used: Lightning Ridge Gem Black Crystal displaying blue-greens,green-blues with mauve overtones.
& Lightning Ridge brilliant red/red multi-colour Gem Crystal playing reds, red-oranges, blues, greens & hints of indigo.

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